Toward an optimized management of your sand resources

Whether you are exposed or want to anticipate coastal hazards, Waves’n See helps you:

  • Identify and  locate your recurrent  and critical sand deficits
  • Optimize your beach nourishment operations
  • Evaluate efficiency of your coastal defence
  • Anticipate critical levels

Ocean Data Management System

A camera network and an image analysis software to monitor your sedimentary resources.


  • High definition Cameras
  • Video transfer
  • Remote camera control
  • Continuous and remote data acquisition
  • Images storage / backup on secured server


Data analysis
  • Analysis on dedicated server
  • Automatic shoreline detection
  • Sand volume and bathymetric changes
  • Wave parameters (height, period, celerity)
  • Shoreline evolution maps
  • Sediment budget by area of interest
  • Graphical charts of global rates and extreme events
  • Annual and post storm event reports

A state of the art technology

resulting from a partnership with IRD

Waves’n See was created in Toulouse, France by Yves Soufflet and Clément Mayet, two oceanographers. With the support of IRD’s knowledge transfer department, Waves’n See developed the Wavecams technology, based on years of advanced research in coastal oceanography. Wavecams’ smart algorithms allow monitoring of underwater processes by looking at the sea surface.

Waves'n See

A brief presentation of our activity in French