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Erosion and Coastal Risk Assesment

Your beach balance right before your eyes

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Waves’n See developed the WaveCams® system, an innovative video-monitoring technology to continuously follow the evolution of the shore at a local scale.Our mission, support your coast protection activities with a precise understanding of the hydro-sediment dynamics of your beach.

A tailor-made monitoring of coastal changes

Founded by two oceanographers in 2015, Waves’n See is a French startup that emerged from public research. We are pioneers in Europe in developing a high-frequency, operational coastal video monitoring technology. Thanks to our cameras associated with digital images and oceanographic data processing algorithms, we collect a complete set of coastal parameters.

From the beginning, we have been involved in collaborations with universities and research institutes to advance remote sensing in coastal oceanography. We design each WaveCams® to fit the specifics of the coastal zone to monitor your beach management or coastal infrastructure issues.

Our mission: To support your coastal protection activities with an accurate understanding of hydro-sedimentary dynamics, through continuous monitoring of rapid events such as storms as well as long-term changes such as sea level rise and erosion.

Based on the Météo France scientific campus, within the Météo Lab innovation incubator, Waves’n See is committed to an ongoing R&D policy alongside our research partners.


Wave characteristics


Topography / Bathymetry

Hydro-sedimentary budgets

The advantages of videomonitoring

  • Coastal monitoring at different timescales to measure fast-paced phenomenons but also long-term evolutions
  • Characterization of coast erosion and sea overtopping
  • Only one system for a complete dataset
  • Local data
  • Images combined with scientific data

Depending on your needs

Illustration d'un camion transportant du sable.

Anticipate beach maintenance operations

Un bouclier de protection.

Monitor the efficiency of protection works and activities

Illustration d'un ordinateur.

Characterize the impact of storm events

Illustration d'une vague.

Prevent sea overtopping risks

Our news

Time Stack construction

A coastal monitoring system offers multiple opportunities to observe in detail and with high frequency (10 minutes) the physical processes that take place on the coast. In particular, the WaveCams image acquisition technology allows us to obtain diverse hydrodynamic...

Beach topography overview

Monitoring of beach topography evolution on any tidal area is made possible by Wavecams® technology. It enables to efficiently retrieve not only seasonal erosion or accretion trends, but also high frequency topography evolution (about 2 to 4 weeks) emphasising for...