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WaveCams® system allows to monitor the morphological evolution of an entire beach. Cameras follow hydro-sediment movements from the beach top to shallow waters by filming the surf-zone. The images are processed and analyzed to build bathymetry and beach-top topography profiles.


    • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
    • Isobaths


    • Beach profile and slope, date-related available beach width
    • Sediment budget evolution and identification of critical deficit threshold such as identification of natural reversion process post storm-surge
    • Bathymetric differences

    Depending on your needs:

    • Anticipate beach management operations (nourishments, maintenance, development works, etc.)
    • Characterize the impact of storm events on topography
    • Follow protection works and structures efficiency
    • Prevent wave overtopping risks
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    Topography / Bathymetry

    Wave characteristics

    Hydro-sedimentary budgets