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WaveCams® systems makes shoreline monitoring available at different timescales for better monitoring of both long-term and storm surge associated erosion.

Our software automatically detects a new waterline every 10 minutes.

This monitoring allows for fast sediment movements characterization in order to evaluate the impact on the shoreline of storm events at various intensities and at variable frequency. By integrating these fast sediment movements to the analysis of the seasonal or annual evolution of the shoreline, we can have a clear and precise understanding of local dynamics.


  • Monitoring of shoreline evolution
  • Date-related available beach width

Depending on your needs:

  • Anticipate beach management operations (nourishments, maintenance, development works, etc.)
  • Characterize the impact of storm events on the shoreline

  • Follow protection works and structures efficiency
  • Prevent wave overtopping risks
  • Communicate on shoreline evolution and protection plans lead
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Wave characteristics

Hydro-sedimentary budgets